Fue Technique Hair Transplant

Fue Technique Hair Transplant

FUE technique, which is the most used method in hair transplantation, is also applied by our company. Compared to the FUT application, the FUE method is a more comfortable and painless application. FUE technique is the process of taking grafts one by one with 0.8 mm micro motors from the hairy area between the two ears, which is defined as the donor area. FUE hair transplantation is a procedure performed after local anesthesia. With local anesthesia, the person is prevented from feeling any pain or suffering. Before the operation, our hair transplant specialist makes a preliminary evaluation according to the thickness of the hair and the thickness of the hair.

Fue Technique Hair Transplant
Fue Technique Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplantation has an operation time that differs from person to person. The transplanted hair can be shed in the first 3 months in such a way that the hair follicles remain inside. 6-7 hair starts to grow by collecting itself more. The desired density and fully grown hair are achieved after one year. Since there is no cutting process in the donor area and the area where the roots are planted after the procedure, there is no scar.

Stages Of Hair Transplantation With FUE Technique

  • Before the operation, your hair is shaved by our plant in our hospital.
  • It is determined which area will be transplanted with the FUE technique and how many grafts are needed.
  • The head is numbed with local anesthesia. You will not feel pain during root removal and hair transplantation.
  • Hair follicles are taken one by one from the donor area in the back of your head. This process is done with the help of micro motors. The collected hair follicles are preserved with special solutions. Since there are no surgical applications such as cutting the skin on the neck, it does not require stitches and thus, there is no suture scar after the operation.
  • After the grafts are taken with the FUE technique, hair channels are opened in the area to be transplanted with thin-tipped slits to ensure the natural appearance of the hair as before. This process is the most important process that will determine the direction, frequency and naturalness of your hair follicles.
  • The hair follicles taken are planted one by one in the opened channels. Thanks to the FUE technique, this process is painless.
  • You will be given information about the medicine and care you will use by our hair transplant specialist.
  • You can return to your daily life after the operation. There is no requirement for you to stay in our hospital.

If you have any questions about the FUE technique, you can contact us via Whatsapp and Gmail.