Hair Types and Hair Care

Hair Types and Hair Care

There are many different hair types and different hair care methods are applied for this variety of hair. In this article, we will try to give tips on hair types and features and how we can take care of hair.

Hair Types and Hair Care
Hair Types and Hair Care

How should care according to hair types?

  • Dandruff Hair

    This situation, which is caused by excessive keratin formation, is due to the shedding of skin cells in the scalp by dying. But when too many skin cells die and shed at the same time, dandruff occurs. Dandruff can be cleaned using specially produced dandruff shampoos.

  • Oily Hair

    During periods of hormonal irregularity such as puberty and pregnancy, when you stay in the sun too much or due to various skin care products, oily hair can be seen. Oily hair needs to be washed regularly to fix it.

  • Normal Hair

    In this hair type, the hair is quite thick and dense. In addition, normal hair gets a very shiny appearance when washed. Hair care creams can be applied to the ends of normal hair and care can be provided.

  • Dry Hair

    Drying occurs in the hair when the oil glands on the scalp cannot secrete enough oil for the hair shaft. In addition, as the amount of moisture in the hair decreases in the hot months of summer, dry hair increases. Hair coloring, perming or straightening can increase the drying of hair. If dry hair is not cared for, it weakens, becomes hard and can easily break. In addition, the chlorinated water we use while bathing can dry our hair.